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Fall Decorations Ideas For Your Home

In this video Tammy with family with purpose will give simple ways to decorate your home for fall. With simple fall colors you can easily add fall look that brightens everyone’s home. Fall decor or fall decorations is simple with this added. Fall decorating ideas for your home with best fall decor ideas. Fall decorating ideas for 2018 you can…

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October Pregnacy and Infant Loss Month – Care Package

In this video Tammy with family with purpose will bring awareness to October Pregnancy and Infant Loss Month. Most don’t know October is Pregnancy lost awareness month. Pregnancy lost can be heart wrenchy and we have answers. October Pregnancy And Infant Loss Month Care Package October Pregnancy Infact care package- 👍 Make sure to like, comment and subscribe. Help…

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Leaders Are Learners – Leaders are Lifetime Learners

In this video Tammy and Barry with Family With Purpose will discuss how leaders are learners and why it’s important that leaders are always learning. ’21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership’ is a must have book by John Maxwell. Leaders are readers and are alaways learning.  As parents, we are always learning too and will be better leaders because of it.…

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How to Confront Family Successfully

In this video Tammy and Barry,  Family With Purpose will discuss how to confront family and others that may not be very comfortable.  Do you have difficult situations and not sure how to talk with someone about them?  Learn one statement that will help decrease the stress and help you get to the root of the problem. 👍 Make sure…

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Kitchen Decluttering Ideas- 20 Items to Rid Yourself Of

In this video Tammy and Barry with family with purpose will discuss how to declutter your kitchen. Decluttering tips and how to declutter a kitchn. Clean my space with Declutter with me and how to declutter 20 things. Kitchen Decluttering.   Decluttering your Kitchen wit these 20 items that you should rid yourself of. 👍 Make sure to like, comment…

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