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Teenagers Part 4 – Curfew

In this video Tammy and Barry with family with purpose will discuss tips on parenting teenagers and having curfews. Effective parenting can be a challenge when you have teenagers. Parenting mistake we should avoid. Raising teens can be difficult but these simple tips to parenting are invaluable. Parenting tips for teenagers and parenting teenage son or parenting teenage girl or…

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Changing The World, One Family Member At A Time

“If you want to change your world, go home and love your family.” ~Mother Teresa~ Notice Mother Teresa didn’t say, change the word by going to the White House and protesting what you think is going poorly or needs to change. She didn’t say, go have a girls night out every week or even make a bunch of money and…

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The Parenting No One Sees…But All Parents Feel

   If young single people knew what parenting really entailed, they’d never have sex again. If someone were to ask you, “Is having kids worth it?” You could sit down with them over a cup of coffee and tell them about all the joys you experienced parenting. How much their sweet faces and personalities warm your heart. You could describe…

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