The 5 Secrets to creating a passionate, committed, lasting marriage

Finally! A Simple book That Will Allow You To effectively put you and your spouse as a priority.


  • Exactly how to make your marriage #1 in the quickest way possible (you've never seen it done this way before).
  • a system to effectively show your spouse love which is super important because you'll finally understand and feel how much they love you.
  • a list of reasons why dating your spouse is so important which is huge because you'll create consistent time to check in with your spouse, strengthening the relationship.
  • the guidelines to have a fair fight which you'll want because everyone fights, but it's not always fair.
  • The simple way to be spontaneouse and why this matters.
  • Being the best you and how this effects your marraige now.
  • and much much more...

Meet Barry & Tammy -

Relationship Experts - Married 24 years - Barry being a Youth Pastor for 7 Years and Senior Pastor for 18 years has helped thousands of parents and kids. Tammy 17 years as a pastors wife and Children's director she has poured her heart and soul into growing and developing Children and Parents alike.

We've been able to help hundreds of families be more intentional and have a healthier family in the process. We’ve had a lot of wins, and challenges, as a family and we’d like to share what we’ve read, conferences we’ve attended and practical hacks and helps we’ve learned to be beneficial.

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