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Marriage Transformation Blueprint. It’s all about the importance of protecting and caring for your marriage relationship vs the parenting relationship with your kids. Sounds strange but true. If the marriage isn't a priority, the kids will suffer. Find out why.

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Buckle up and get ready to explore how fun family nights can be! We are excited to share the importance of them and why it’s critical to schedule them. These family nights can be tweaked for any budget. You will love the extra advantages these family nights provide (like teaching about money and budgeting).



There is ONE question you need to ask and answer that will make your life stress-free when deciding on what type of technology you allow your child to have. It's this one question that will change the way you and your kids look at technology. Get some peace and freedom now.



Watch as we set the stage for this parenting module. It’s pretty painless when you learn that ALL kids go through these stages. Be encouraged as we unpack the stages kids grow through and the big differences in boys and girls as it pertains to parenting. The 'key' is your role in it all.



It’s natural for parents to want the best for their kids but when parents base all their decisions on ‘how will this affect my children’, it becomes a problem. It may be time to dethrone the kids from this prominent place in the home.



There are some clear do's and don'ts when it comes to disciplining your kids. In fact, there are a couple times when we should NOT discipline our kids. Discover when those times are and be challenged to embrace discipline in a way that makes parents so much more effective.



This bonus module will assist you in how to model, teach and resource your children of any age in their personal relationship with Jesus. Discover our only issue with God. There is only one! Find out what it is and how we can fix this one issue.

Bonus Course - included Free with the purchase of any of the above modules or you can purchase it individually as well.



The Complete Course that will help you to calmly handle the day-to-day stresses of parent life in just 4 weeks or less - which includes Marriage Transformation Blueprint, Creative Family Nights, Kids And Technology, Parenting Through The Ages, Epidemic Of Entitlement, Discipline and a bonus module - Faith And Family.

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