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Goal Setting

Getting Your House Ready For Fall

In this video, Tammy talks about nine simple things you can do to get ready for fall. It involves your actual house and property. Most of it is free but it will take some elbow grease. It’s time to be getting ready for Fall, but it’s much more than just decorating. A couple of these…

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Back To School Tips

In this video, Tammy talks about three great tips for back to school prep. Between clothes, supplies, and lunches, it can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. Learn what you can do to help create more memories and less stress. Back To School Tips – it’s stressful to get the kids back to…

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Summer Boredom- What to do!

In this video, Barry and Tammy Smith talk about what to do when your bored this summer. Summer boredom can be so frustrating. We have some cures for what to do when you’re bored this summer. We’ve got a great answer to the issue of what to do when you’re bored. It’s much easier than…

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How To Acheive Your Goals

How to Achieve Your Goals. Setting goals and following through. In this video Tammy discusses some simple ways to set goals and achieve them. Only 17% of Americans set goals. And only 3% of those people write them down. The key is to keep your goals in front of you. She will show you how.…

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