Faith and Family

This course will assist you in how to model, teach and resource your children of any age in their personal relationship with Jesus. Discover our only issue with God. There is only one! Find out what it is and how we can fix this one issue.

How you can model, encourage and teach your kids to develop their own personal relationship with Jesus

The resurrection is foundational to our faith in Jesus

Sin separates us from God

Sin is our only problem with God

The best way to honor God and show others just how great God can be in someone’s life – is to share our faith story

How to write and share your story so you always have an answer for those who would ask you to give a reason for the hope you have… your faith

Modeling… Faith is definitely one of those subjects that is caught not taught

Think about your story, how you came to know Jesus and His love for you

  • How old were you?
  • What happened?
  • Where were you?

And for next time… this is really important

What was your life like…

  • Before Christ?
  • When you met Christ?
  • After meeting Christ?

This will be immensely helpful when explore writing your story

This helps you get ahead of the game and get prepared

So take at least 15 minutes and answer the questions in this introduction. You’ll be glad you did