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Family With Purpose:  Transforming your Marriage, Family and Creating a Family With Purpose

  • Marriage Transformation Blueprint - your marriage must be a priority and the foundation for a happy and healthy family.
  • Creative Family Nights - Designing amazing, fun, and educational nights while creating memories - on any budget.
  • Parenting Through The Ages - The details behind the ages and stages of your kids and your role in parenting through it.
  • Kids And Technology - The one question to ask that brings peace and freedom to your and your family.
  • Discipline - The dreaded "D" word. Explore the do's and don'ts of discipline and especially when NOT to discipline your kids.
  • Epidemic Of Entitlement - How to identify and remove the Kid CEO in your family.

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  • Private Facebook Community - (Where you can ask questions & get answers)
  • Family With Purpose 30 Minute Session with Barry & Tammy
  • Live Q&A's to get your questions answered
  • Faith and Family Course Absolutely Free With Any Course Purchase
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Barry & Tammy Smith

Barry & Tammy Smith have been married since 1994. That’s a long time. And a lot of experience has been gained - both good and challenging. Barry has coached thousands of kids and parents for over 25 years as a pastor, growing a church from 6 to over 1000. And Tammy has poured her heart and soul into growing and developing children and volunteers as a full time children’s director for over 17 years. Together, they thrive in serving families via practical hacks and helps with quick and creative ideas to help better manage their families. From free videos, PDF’s, webinars, and even online courses, they utilize an online forum to benefit even the most busiest of parents. When they’re not serving their community, you can find Tammy sipping a cup of piping hot coffee, reading her most recent book purchase, and perusing through Facebook, posting most everything that goes on in her family. Barry, on the other hand, would spend 98% of his time at the beach or on a boat at the lake if he could just figure out how. In the meantime, he spends a lot of time watching the Chicago Bears, Sacramento Kings and playing around online with stocks. Basically, all three of those hobbies are a disappointment. :) Their desire is to underpromise and overdeliver… not only on this website, but in life. They’ve seen their share of wins and challenges over 25 years of marriage and they truly want to give back and help families be creative and bond with the limited time they have available. FWP is here to help families be uber intentional and benefit from those efforts.